Jheronimus Bosch Art Center


Thursday May 11, 2023

01:00 pmRegistration, coffeeEntrance – Auditorium
02:00 pmOpening of the Conference,
Mr. J. Timmermans and Prof. Dr. R. Spronk
02:15 pmA novel interpretation for the Garden of Earthly Delights: visual sign-posts and the ABC hypothesis
keynote lecture, Prof. Dr. M. Berdoy
3:30 pmResponse to M. Berdoy's keynote address,
Prof. Dr. R. Falkenburg
3:55 pmBreak
4:10 pmPanel discussion
Prof. Dr. B. Aikema, Prof. Dr. M. Berdoy, Prof. Dr. R. Falkenburg,
Dr. B. Fransen (chair), Dr. D. Van Heesch and Dr. J. J. Pérez Preciado
5:30 pmReception, welcome by Mr. M. van der Geld, Alderman of ‘s-Hertogenbosch,
Markt 1 (at the Market Place, a 10-minute walk from the JBAC).
ThroughoutVisit to ‘House of Bosch’, open to all participants, but requires a reservation.

Friday May 12, 2023

09:00 amRegistration, coffeeEntrance – Auditorium
10:00 amBosch’s working process,
Prof. Dr. em. F. Koreny
Specialised employees of Jheronimus Bosch?,
L. Scholten (MA) PhD Candidate
Lecture Room
10:35 amConnoisseurship and attribution: the Haywain,
M. Lafontaine PhD candidate
Pieter Coecke as Intermediary: Inserting the link between Bosch and Bruegel,
A. Hobill (MA) PhD Candidate
Lecture Room
11:20 amFamily functions: a comparison of the Bosch-production to the organisation of other family workshops,
Dr. D. Tamis
Bosch imitators in Spain during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries,
Dr. E. Vázquez Dueñas
Lecture Room
12:00 pmLunch
01:05 pmAltarpieces or exempla? Some thoughts on Bosch’s triptychs and ‘das gross beth’ in the Nassau Palace in Brussels,
Prof. Dr. em. J. Koldeweij
Mandijn’s Monsters: Shining a light on the techniques and motifs of a Bosch follower,
K. Harada (MAC) & Dr. A. Vandivere
Lecture Room
01:40 pmMore delights in Bosch’s Garden: Words, Patterns and Probabilities,
Prof. Dr. M. Berdoy
In the Manner of Jheronimus Bosch or Jan Wellens de Cock? A Case Study of Christ in Limbo,
Y. H. Hsu (MA) PhD candidate
Lecture Room
02:10 pmBreak
2:50 pmWeaving Bosch and Bruegel: Canon Formation in a Brussels Tapestry Series
(c. 1560),
keynote lecture, Dr. D. Van Heesch
3:40 pmQuestions
4:00 pmClosing
6:00 pmConference Dinner at the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center
ThroughoutVisit to ‘House of Bosch’, open to all participants, but requires a reservation.

Saturday May 13, 2023

09:00 amRegistration, coffeeEntrance – Auditorium
10:00 amJheronimus Bosch and the Renaissance in Europe,
keynote lecture, Prof. Dr. em. B. Aikema
10:50 amQuestionsAuditorium
11:10 amFacing the end of time,
Dr. F. Nies
Listening to the angels… or why was the Last Judgment from the Wawel Royal Castle in Cracow not painted by Jheronimus Bosch?,
Dr. G. Kubies
Lecture Room
11:45 amBosch's earthly paradises: the left panels of the Garden of Earthly Delights, The Vienna Last Judgement and The Haywain Triptych,
J. van Benthum (MA)
Filling the void. Copies of Bosch’s Ecce Homo,
Dr. M. van Wamel
Lecture Room
12:20 pmEarthly Paradise as the final phase of Purgatory in Boschian Last Judgment triptychs,
Dr. E. De Bruyn
Bosch’s ‘Conjurer”: Autograph, Workshop or Follower? Can the Unrecognized Subject Determine Authorship?,
D. Keeran Withee (MA) PhD Candidate
Lecture Room
12:50 pmLunchAuditorium
01:55 pmThe Vienna ‘Last Judgment’ triptych revisited: the underdrawings,
Prof. Dr. R. Spronk
A rock-man in Dresden, a relative of the tree-man – once Bosch and away?,
Dr. M. Michael
Lecture Room
02:30 pmThe Vienna 'Last Judgment' triptych revisited: the paint layers,
L. Hoogstede (MA) PhD candidate
The Allegory of Human Life by Giorgio Ghisi and its pictorial copies. A revival of a 'Bosch - style' motif in the second half of the 16th century,
Prof. Dr. C. Salsi
Lecture Room
3:05 pmMA-XRF imaging on The Last Judgment triptych in Vienna,
Prof. Dr. G. Van der Snickt
An Indian at Epiphany: Bosch and Columbus’s First Voyage to the New World,
Prof. Dr. H. van der Velden
Lecture Room
3:40 pmQuestions and closing remarks, Prof. Dr. R. SpronkAuditorium
4:00 pmFarewell drinksAuditorium
5:00 pmClosing
ThroughoutVisit to ‘House of Bosch’, open to all participants, but requires a reservation.
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